About Woodland Melodies

No bird noises here!

Its a common practice in this style of music to create a piece usually with piano, then cram bird sounds on top of it like the birds were living inside the piano. This approach is not only unnatural but it is also  unrealistic.

Call and response

"In the beginning I was guilty of this same practice, however through the years I was able to identify that on any given day my playing would be influenced by the sounds of nature that were surrounding me." Songs like Walnut Creek are a perfect example of collaborating with nature, it begins with a melodic interplay with a Tufted Tit Mouse. First the bird creates a melodic line, then Bud responds with a beautiful guitar melody. This is the Woodland Melodies experience.

Whats with the Canoe?

Canoeing is a musical experience, one must read the rhythm of the current for a harmonious result. Its also a stealth platform for nature recordings as it allows you to sneak up on the little buggers before they fly away.

Recording Nature Sounds

All in a days work, collecting nature sounds.