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Preston Guitar Method

Finally a no nonsense, super creative approach to reading music as it applies to the guitar. Bud has helped thousands to attain their next level. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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Bud Preston

As an accomplished instrumental guitarist Bud has developed a system and approach to the guitar that makes him instantly identifiable. One note from the master and you definitely know its him!

Book him for weddings, corporate events, fairs and festivals and such.

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Woodland Melodies

The concept is beautiful! Bud has been playing his guitar in the woods since early child hood. "I began to notice that I wasn't just playing, but the wildlife around me was actually influencing my expressions." Thus Woodland Melodies was born, the art of combining natures biophony with heart felt guitar Melodies.


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Brian Gay, Medina Ohio

"since applying the Preston Guitar Method to my life, my blood pressure is down, I lost two inches off my waist line and my lost dog came back!"

Paula Pescina Leistikow

"I think Bud was born with three arms and thirty fingers, I never knew a single guitar had that much music inside of it!"

Jim Pryor Dalton Gazette & Kidron News

"An artist of melody. His brushes are his strings, his palette the structure of melody, his colors the rich tones of natures sounds mixed with the gentleness of good music."

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(330) 241-5092