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Woodland Melodies is the product of one man’s creative vision.


Trained from a young age in the art of listening to, and interpreting the many messages that his Appalachian woodland surroundings were willing to communicate. Bud Preston has always heard a symphony in the woods.


Finding his first guitar at the impressionable age of five, it was only natural for a young heart to combine these two loves into one harmonious experience, thus Woodland Melodies was born.

The Concept


Natures thermometer, take a stop watch and count the number of chirps that a cricket makes in 15 seconds, add 40 to that number and you have a good idea of the current temperature. The warmer the temperature the faster the cricket chirps. "I have used this principle and the often overlooked cricket as nature’s metronome in my recordings. The woodlands are rife with a constant sonic ebb and flow as the wildlife responds to the many variations in their natural surroundings". A blend of nature’s tempo along with beautiful instrumental guitar melodies is what Woodland Melodies is all about.

The Mission


No over the top production, no solid wall of synthesized sound. Just one master guitarist, composer, on top of his game interacting with nature, creating melodies that are as memorable as they are enriching

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Bryan C. Pescina


Paula Leistikow &

Susan Preston

View 07/19/2009 Brecksville Nature Center 

Concert Video featuring “Mt. Hope” performed by

Bud Preston

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