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Musician Paints Kidron in Sound

by Jim Pryor

Bud Preston is a happy man. His is a happiness that comes from giving peace and joy to others. He is an artist of melody and sound. His brushes are the strings of an acoustic guitar. His palette is the structure of a melody. His colors are the rich tones of nature’s sounds mixed with the gentleness of good music.


Kidron is a recent subject of this artist work. Preston’s recent compact disc release WELCOME is enjoying regional popularity and deservedly so. His song, Kidron Around is a playful mix of Preston’s contemporary vision of music flowing effortlessly to the sounds of nature. WELCOME pays a musical tribute to our area with such songs as MOUNT HOPE, THE ROAD TO WILMOT, and WALNUT CREEK.


“I was a stressed out man and I wanted to write a piece of relaxing music” says Preston. “I wanted to write a song about Kidron, I was working on the album which I felt was getting too serious and, when I came to the town of Kidron the first thing that came to mind was the auction and the hardware store” says Preston.


“I wanted to create an upbeat fun musical piece.” This became Preston’s musical tribute to Kidron. This artist is as enjoyable as his work. Referred to as “Ohio’s finest fingerstyle guitarist” and “The Inn at Honey Run’s greatest artist in residence.” Bud Preston remains unaffected by these accolades. He is dedicated to preserving and improving the music of the acoustic guitar. As a teacher of the guitar Preston states “my students learn what they need to learn musically using the tried and true techniques in creating music that will endure.” Preston brings a love and a passion to his work that comes from a lifetime journey. “My uncle had a farm in

Trumbull County and every weekend he would pick me up and take me to his farm for the weekend” reminisced Preston. I remember as a kid staring across the lawn at the woods on the farm. I was terrified to go into the woods. You know there were pirates and everything imaginable in there” smiled Preston. “The woods though were calling me and I knew thy would become my best friend.” The woods did become his best friend and although the events of life would take him away it would be later in life he would return. Preston’s return manifested itself in his latest creation Woodland Melodies.


Woodland Melodies is a musical technique that marries the sounds of nature with the music of the acoustic guitar. “I will write music to match the sound in a response style to music” states Preston. Preston will gather an inventory of what he calls “earth sounds” and marry this symphony of sound with good music.


The result of this effort is a pleasing musical journey that relaxes and yet excites the imagination. WELCOME is a musical oasis in the desert of harried lives. The listener will be taken on a gentle and carefree ride through an area that people come from far places to see and sample our simple life. To Mr. Preston we can only say Wilkommen.

Reprinted from the Dalton Gazette & Kidron News, November 04, 2009



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