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Dr. Ron Sprunger, Professor Emeritus, Ashland Theological Seminary wrote:


Paula Leistikow &

Susan Preston


Newspaper Articles:


 Bud Preston Receives certificate by Brunswick Mayor, Gary Werner - Reprinted from Brunswick Art Works, January 16, 2011

†††††††††† ††††††††††

 Musician Paints Kidron in Sound - Reprinted from the Dalton Gazette & Kidron News, November 04, 2009


 Guitarist Bud Preston Receives volunteer award - Reprinted from the Medina Gazette, April 20, 2007



Nancy Wojciak, General Music Teacher, Claggett Middle School said of Budís Lookieme Program:

© 2010 Bud Preston. All rights reserved.†

Iíve had the privilege of attending several of Bud Prestonís guitar programs.† He is, first of all, a fine musician who knows how to engage his audience. As I listen and watch the skillful movements of his hands, Iím reminded of the importance of the visual aspects of performance.†


On his CD recording, WELCOME, Bud includes sounds of nature and other environmental sounds as an integral part of the music.† I was reminded of Igor Stravinskyís statement, ďThe sounds of nature are not music, but in the hands of an artist musician these same sounds can become music as they are organized.Ē† Bud does this in most interesting ways.†


I also appreciate the fact that Budís presentation is wholesome and appropriate for children as well as adults.† My only suggestion is that consideration be given to the possibility of his doing a DVD which would capture the visual aspects of his fine playing. Click here to view the You Tube video of ďMt. HopeĒ, a selection from WELCOME.

Regarding Budís House Concert: ďWhat a wonderful way to spend an evening!† Good friends gathered for an intimate concert from one of the best storytellers and musicians you could imagine. Sign me up for next year!Ē


More details on House Concerts.


Jim Pryor, Dalton Gazette & Kidron News wrote:

Bud Preston is an artist of melody and sound. His brushes are the strings of an acoustic guitar. His palette is the structure of a melody. His colors are the rich tones of natureís sounds mixed with the gentleness of good music.


Read entire article.


Natalie Shultz of North Carolina said:

Bud inspires by example.


Read more about the Lookieme Program.

Photography by:

Bryan C. Pescina


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