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As a young child transplanted from rural Appalachia to the larger than life experience of relocating to Cleveland Ohio, Bud’s journey was tempered by devoted people within the Ohio School system. " I think of Mr. Talarico my grade school principle at Gilbert Elementary who had to make a judgment call after one of my miss directed mistakes, he took that into consideration, counseled me, and instructed me "to spend more time with my guitar to help keep me on the straight and narrow and to use my powers for good". I never forgot that experience or the dedication he showed to all the young people attending Gilbert."


Entering into Junior High at Thomas Jefferson, Bud was motivated by his social studies teacher Mr. Hayes. “The first day of school Mr. Hayes singled me out of the class after observing my penchant for nervous tapping, and had me do an impromptu percussive concert for the class. This went on almost every day for that school year." Mr. Hayes would repeatedly counsel Bud to purse his music more seriously.


Many of us have stories such as these. "It was these people that nurtured and inspired me to study my craft, to go further; this in turn helped to give me a voice. In a crowd I was just another shy young man, but with my guitar, I had something to say. And I began to receive the rich reward of having people listen."


The work that Bud and his wife Susan now do is one of repayment, to say thank you. Thank you for your direction and dedication. The role that Bud now assumes is one of mentor. A man blessed with the ability to support his family of seven with one guitar is a man who must give back.


Countless numbers of children have benefitted from his expertise and philanthropic work. From donating time and resources to local school systems, to donating guitars and instruction to disadvantaged children through a program that Bud and Susan have dubbed "Lookie Me".


"Lookie Me", the words uttered by a five year old Bud Preston as he would entertain his family with his first guitar. "That guitar gave me a voice. A way to say, there is someone valuable here, just give me a listen and I will show you."


The "Lookie Me" program is dedicated to helping disadvantaged children to have a voice of their own through music. As well as helping to institute solid guitar and music curriculums within our schools.


A portion of the proceeds from Buds CD sales go to help fund these programs. 


Buds music so aptly captures the beauty that this wonderful state has to offer by combining natures songs with heartfelt melodies. This can only be accomplished by someone who is grateful and in tune with their surroundings. The same can be said of Bud's work with children. Helping them to see beauty in simplicity, to express themselves in a positive way, to rest assured they are indeed unique, and have great value in the eyes of our community. 


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