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 9-Year Old Current Student

“Bud’s classes are favorites. The students value his expertise and knowledge as a guitarist, performer and teacher.”

- Judy Sach, Adult Education Coordinator Strongsville City Schools


As a young boy of eight, Bud sat in front of his first guitar teacher. That first attempt at private instruction lasted only three weeks. However Bud left the class with a new purpose. “I knew at a very early age that the world was in short supply of expert guitar teachers. My experience taught me that it was one thing to play the guitar at a superior level and quite another thing to teach at a superior level.”


“Bud is the rare combination of musical knowledge, performance ability and humor, in a person with a great rapport with his students. I’d recommend him to anyone who is looking for an excellent guitar instructor.” 

- Mary Baker Librarian, Brunswick Ohio, Public Library


In my private studio I strive to go beyond the simple put your finger here, now put your finger there scenario. I am not a big fan of a mechanical style of teaching. Yes there are many nuances that must be mastered in order to produce a solid guitar technique. I do not believe in shortcuts. But I also do not believe that instruction needs to be doled out in a tasteless manner like a tall glass of saw dust on a hot summer day.


“If you go to the butcher to buy your choice cuts wouldn’t you expect him or her to be a professional? I mean I don’t want to buy my meat from the local plumber. I count it a true blessing to learn guitar from Bud Preston, the only person I have ever personally met that earns his living based entirely on his incredible abilities with a guitar.”

- Chad Glanko


Young and old my students receive well rounded instruction. A student can expect to not just learn how to play a song, but the history behind it. We look at the melody, what notes were chosen to produce it, and why, it’s harmony and why it works so well to support the melody. In short my students learn music theory. That word scares a lot of people and perhaps it should. In my own experience music theory was always presented in a rather bland way. I liken it to a beautiful cut of steak that someone boils then plops down on your plate; (not very appetizing to say the least). I work very hard to make my musical dishes both appetizing and fun.    


“I can’t imagine a better guitar teacher than Bud Preston. My son always looks forward to his lessons in Bud’s heartwarming studio”.

 - Janet Schroeder


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