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The recipe for a house concert is really quite simple. Take an intimate room or location on your property. Sprinkle in some of your closest friends. Fold in a master musician. Mix well. Serve warm and fuzzy.


“We took the furniture out of our living room, set up thirty or so chairs and had such a wonderful experience. The evening came off so much better than I could ever have envisioned.”

-Cassie Miller, Chagrin Falls, Ohio


One of the best ways to truly enjoy Bud’s art form is by utilizing this method.  Bud has performed in these types of venues everywhere from living rooms to back yard decks and yachts. This relaxed setting truly allows Bud to shine. Your audience will have the opportunity to hear the motivation behind Buds compositions. To chuckle at the humorous stories behind the exploits of garnering the earth sounds Bud selected for his songs.


“What a versatile performer. One never knows what they’re going to get. One year Bud is over the top humorous the next he’s a romantic. Did I mention that guitar? Wow!” 

-Penny Smith, Doylestown, Ohio


“We love our time with Bud. I always marvel at his abilities. Our guests love the after party and the chance to have the artist autograph their CD’s. We look forward to it every year.”

-Jeff Rassie, North East Pennsylvania


To book a house concert or make inquiries please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions or mail a kit to start the process.

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