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In the busy lives we lead, the act of multitasking has been elevated to a new art form.


Mothers with phones in ear, encapsulated by vans and sport utility's, with children as cargo, can put in a full day's work just in the simple process of beginning a day.


Working men and women can grab a cappuccino, drop off the dry cleaning, close a deal, catch up on current events, and wash the car, all before they even get to the office or job site to start work.


From all of this, we get that one chance a year to unwind. That one chance each year to simplify our lives, but at what cost? Think of the mad dash to clean off our desks, finalize that project, to get our personal and business lives in order, all so we can rush to a plane, travel for hours, for the rare privilege of sitting in utter silence and peace. Sipping our favorite beverage perhaps starting that book we have been too busy to read.


Australian psychologist and social researcher Dr. Hugh Mackay said “The world is being overwhelmed by information and people are being invited to get onto the fast lane on the information superhighway.” It has been said that one usual weekday edition of the New York Times contains more information than the average person would come across in his or her lifetime back in 17th century England.  Researchers point to the fact that in these hectic days, we are exhausted, worn out from multitasking and information over load.


If that's true, then it becomes even more evident that we need to get away; to rejuvenate ourselves and our loved ones, to take a break. I have found after years of leading a fast and harried life that sanctuary is just a walk or drive away. We can do wonders for ourselves simply by taking the time to single task, yes that's right single task, and we can do it right here at home.


Take a walk through one of the many woodland settings that are so bountiful right here in our own back yards. Sit in silence for a moment and just watch. Watch the sunlight dance on the ripples as water passes over pebbles in a nearby Ohio stream. Feel the breeze; enjoy the smells of the ever changing flora and fauna.


Go to an Ohio lake, and read, take in the sounds of the birds, the waterfowl, the splash of the Labrador as he gleefully retrieves a ball from the water’s edge, catch the shimmer of a fish as it tail dances on the water’s surface.


Or go to one of our Sates many attractions, relive our history, recall the lives that those who came before us lived, and the many sacrifices they made in order to improve the quality of life for those who would come after them.


If I could sum up the purpose of my music it would certainly be to entertain, but more than that, I hope to inspire. Inspire people to take time. Time out of their busy day and enjoy the lives that they lead, to not overlook the blessings so close to them, and to pass that appreciation on to successive generations.


For those times when a break is in order but the schedule will not allow. I hope that my music along with a glass of wine by fireside, or a cup of coffee and a favorite chair, will transport you back to those favorite places. Places that evoke feelings of calm. Places that reduce your stress. Places that enhance our lives. 


All the best,

Bud Preston


Paula Leistikow &

Susan Preston

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Bryan C. Pescina

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